8 kinds of tile paving solutions, the living room tiles are so beautiful, so beautiful!

How should the living room tiles be laid? Have not withstand the years of polishing, but also a good performance of a family’s life taste? These 8 sets of living room tile laying schemes, the friends should choose according to the actual situation!

resistant Dirty wear and care

Applicable to: families with more people and higher frequency of living room use.

Whole body polished brick: anti-slip brick made by pressing high pressure rock debris. Compared with stone, it has lower water absorption and better wear resistance.

wood grain brick: it has the characteristics of natural wood grain, natural and simple, and has the characteristics of ceramic tiles. The product has long service life, wear resistance and easy cleaning. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material.

Waterproof and non-slip security

Applicable to: families with elderly and children.

Antique Tile: In the general sense, the antique floor tiles refer to glazed tiles. The quality indexes such as anti-slip property, wear resistance and water absorption rate of the tiles are all tested and put into the market, waterproof and non-slip, and the safety is high. .

The space is brighter

Applicable to: living space with poor lighting and small floor space.

stone tile: The polished surface is smooth and smooth, and the light color makes the space brighter and cleaner, which creates a visual expansion.

Gloss glazed tiles: matte glazed tiles In comparison, it is more suitable for making clean effects.

Enhance spatial hierarchy

Applicable to: families who are fashionable and pursuing individuality.

Tiles: As the name implies, it is a tile with patterns. It has bright colors and a variety of patterns, which can make the entire plain space instantly exquisite.

Cloth brick: classic and stylish, delicate and soft, the cloth brick gives a comfortable and warm feeling, and conveys an elegant life concept.

Leather brick: it is a symbol of fashion and fashion. It can increase the level of space. Whether it is visual or touch, it breaks through the inherent concept of ceramic tile, real and warm. The unique texture is shocking.

In addition to making multiple choices on the material The design of the living room tile also has a lot of auxiliary elements. The unique decoration makes the living room look gorgeous and the charm doubles!

ground flower, horn flower



In addition, the decoration style, size and economic budget of the house are also important factors influencing the choice of tiles.

You want to be alone, but you want to Considering various factors, don’t ask the actual situation, and bring trouble to the future use, cleaning or maintenance.

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