4 survivors of Bali diving were discharged. There is still one person missing.

China News Service, February 20th According to the Kyodo News Agency, four Japanese women who were rescued after about 75 hours of diving in the waters near Bali, Indonesia, were discharged from the hospital in Bali on the morning of the 20th. In addition, there is still a diving instructor who still has no news.

After 10:00 am local time, the four people who walked out of the main entrance of the hospital bowed their heads to the gathering media. As a representative, Yamamoto Ryomei expressed his deep gratitude to everyone involved in the rescue. ”

The remaining three are Senyuan Cai, Futian Nasuimei and Jiliuwenmei. All three were nurses at Kobe University Hospital. According to the Japanese Consulate General in Denpasar, four people will return to China on the 21st.

The accident occurred on February 14th, and seven Japanese women, including the four, disappeared while diving in the offshore of Lembongan Island in southeastern Bali. 4 people and diving instructor Furukawa Saori (transliteration) were rescued on the south bank of the island of Nusa, about 20 kilometers away, and the remains of another missing person, Miyata Ryoko, were discovered on the 18th. unknown.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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