2017 large-screen LCD panel production capacity is the lowest in four years, estimated to increase by 3.9%

WitsView’s latest large-size LCD panel capacity survey report shows that in the first half of 2016, due to the impact of the South Taiwan earthquake and Samsung’s process conversion, the global large-size panel production area is about 208 million square meters, with an annual growth rate of 6.6%, estimated in 2017. The investment area has slightly increased to 216 million square meters, with an annual growth rate of only 3.9%, which will be the most conservative year for capacity increase since 2014.

WitsView said that in 2017, although the global large-size panels continued to have Innolux and the new capacity of the Chinese panel factory, it was limited by the increase rate of the initial production rate and the exit of some of the Korean production lines. The mechanism is synchronously fermented, so the increased area is more conservative than in previous years.

WitsView pointed out that the Korean factory has actively adjusted its product portfolio and OLED technology development since last year, and selectively shutting down the old a-Si large-size LCD production line has become the most direct way.

In recent years, in the case of continued demand for IT panels, Samsung Display decided to end its production line for the fifth-generation P5 in 2015. In the first half of this year, the Lejin display also closed the production of the sixth-generation P6E. The LTPS production line, which is mainly for small and medium-sized products, will stop production of some production capacity in 2017, the five-generation line L6 of Samsung Display and the fifth-generation line P4 of LG Display.

The TV panel part, Samsung monitors the AMOLED product positioning, plans to close a seven-generation line factory L7-1 at the end of the fourth quarter of this year, Lejin display is scheduled to converge next year 8.5 generation line P8 10 ~15% capacity, transferred to the development of large-size AMOLED TV panels.

WitsView said that the increase in production capacity next year will mainly come from QunChuang Luzhu 8.6-generation line, BOE Fuzhou 8.5-generation line, and Huike Chongqing 8.6-generation line. The main products of the BOE Fuzhou plant are mainly 43 吋 which is lacking in the market. Compared with the 32 吋 and 55 擅, the 43 吋 panel of the company is still in need of time. As for Huike, there is no panel production experience, 8.6 generations. The line is a new challenge, and the initial release of production capacity is probably quite limited.

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