2015 SBID International Design Awards

Inspired by the outline of the fish, the structure of the building extends from the roof to the ground. The integration of the surrounding environment makes it difficult to distinguish the boundaries. The central area of ​​the building is translucent, and the grey space connects the interior and exterior, allowing the structure to blend visually.

Weathered rock is a grand testimony to the long geological age It tells the history and geography of nature. It’s hard to imagine how the extraordinary skills of nature cut and polish it. For humans, it’s like a thick geological yearbook that makes humans full of awe. This room is a perfect interpretation of the charm of nature and rock.

aerisDesignedoyo is the world’s first saddle seat, shell chair and rocking chair. Its main highlight is its simplicity. The model consists of two basic parts, a frame and an injection molded casing. The cushion is made up of a clever concave groove and an extra cushion layer. The flowing shape of the chair combines the shape of the saddle saddle with the concave back, which not only demonstrates the complex aesthetics, but also achieves a perfect balance. It is also ergonomic and can accommodate a wide variety of sitting and moving situations.

This room is flipped over so that the kitchen island can get a variety of different views, you can cook View weather changes, clouds flowing, sunsets or flashing lights in the distance. The dining table has a hidden breakfast unit so you can enjoy a quick and convenient breakfast before the start of the busy day, and the TV is also placed here so that you can keep up with the news.

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