Water purifier manufacturing industry will show how development potential

Physical and mental health green, the development trend of green environmental protection and other social advocates, the Internet has become a contemporary buzzword natural environment of life, as the rise of cutting-edge energy-saving environmental protection industry, water purifier manufacturing industry will demonstrate how the development potential?

1, energy-saving and environmental protection is the basis for the purification of water provision

will accelerate the creation of green production and consumption in our country the laws regulations and policy-oriented, and constantly improve the development trend of green low-carbon development cycle of economic management system, to promote simple and appropriate, reasonable diet green energy saving, low-carbon water filter is included. In the future, water purifier manufacturers also must persevere core concept of energy saving, can maintain the correct direction of trends.

2, water purifier manufacturers of quality is the essence of survival

The key effect of the water purifier water quality is affected by pollution carried misplaced clean, sweet and pure essence restored, so that everyone physical and mental health can enjoy peace of mind purification! thus, the quality of the water purifier is a manufacturer manufacturing nature. If the water purifier is not very good quality, not clean water or cause water pollution, then there is no doubt that customers will be abandoned, the sales market is slowly defeated!

3, water purifier intelligent system It is the inevitable trend

is a traditional history in our country to the development of intelligent water purifier. And, the development trend of the water purifier has not terminated, actually show more and more of the characteristics of life, water purifier intelligent system that is confirmed.

4, after-sales service will become fundamental to win

in our manufacturing water purification industry trends quickly, precisely because of that, there are also some diehard drawbacks. For example: after-sales maintenance service level is not high. Some poor quality filter core machine, the manufacturer after-sales service for a long time, even after the water purifier will be sold, businesses heard from since. As the manufacturer, there is no doubt not be long.

In China water purifier manufacturing industry uphill too late, the development trend rate is indeed strong, will step into the ranks billion dollar industry chain, can not deny the broad market prospects. Whether it is for the manufacturer, or regional agents, distributors, dealers, the broad market prospects also represents more optimism challenges. We can only be optimistic about the former manufacturing industryKing, yielded to achieve venture capital and talk of hope!

Purification methods of household water purifier which

Household water purifiers it means to carry out advanced treatment of drinking water drinking water equipment. Household water purifiers beginning in the 1960 era, the beginning of the 1970s fashionable, ever the same so far. Especially in the 20th century, the United States has a deposit was first discovered in drinking water disinfection byproducts beginning, as this self-protection equipment at home, many American homes beginning of the installation and application.

Domestic water purifier way – Type Details

1, PP cotton filter element purifier : that is equipped with a wide range of single cylinder PP cotton filter core water purifiers, the device is generally cheap. But after easily clog the filter, replace them higher frequencies, worrying too much precision is also not very high, this is only for basic worrying too much water, not for immediate consumption.

2 composite sintered activated carbon purifier: misplaced key material is activated carbon rod. Activated carbon is generally baked bars of the active carbon powder of different particle sizes and high temperature bonding materials.

3, RO reverse osmosis water: water purifier capable of removing harmful substances completely, after the water is also removed together with the mineral, the mineral water is clean water. Working pressure of water less than its pressure booster pumps must therefore, must rely on power engineering and work pressure. It is deeply flawed to say the sewage is more and more often to filter out 60% of the top and bottom of the sewage. Its high cost of cleaning fees, water production rate less than normal.

4, net drink machine, no anti-cloth imports, Japan reverse osmosis membrane, complex designs misplaced inlet coconut shell activated carbon, the water can be reasonably filter out bacteria, and hydrogen, microbial pathogenesis major pest, external plastic water bottle can prevent thousands of boiling water to drink excessive heavy metal. Guarantee to keep drinking water clean drinking straight or the actual effect of integrated design, to avoid contamination.

5, ultrafiltration: ultrafiltration to remove the water purifier can be reasonably sand, suspended solids, rust, bacteria, and some of the colloidal solution and other biological macromolecular organic compound, it is possible to save a reasonable some people beneficial minerals, and other nutrients. It depends advantage over long-term use of the filter, water flow, without having to power up the charging pressure, and relative to other fume purification is concerned, the lower the cost of fees, it is fit for the purpose of clean drinking water. It is a big drawback for air and organic metal cadmiumNo effect completely remove contaminants.

household water purification way – Principle

Activated Carbon: more common, use the substance, coal, stone (nuclear) and other chemical substances based on carbon chemistry or physics activity to law and order . It has very much microplates and bulk density, and therefore the ability to work with a strong adsorption, organic air pollutants can reasonably adsorbed water. In addition to activity in the whole process, the amorphous form the position of the surface of the activated carbon have some oxygen functional groups, such groups includes activated carbon adsorption of organic chemistry and photo catalytic oxygen, oxidation, removal of water can be reasonably certain metals material positive ions.

ro RO: this technical separated, the operating pressure such manner according to the generated water film, the film according to only allow pure water, and air pollutants to be removed. Selection of R / O reverse osmosis technology, the US government and NASA is spending billions of dollars on the market to address drinking water problems astronauts, after many years of hard work carefully developed a new technology results. The high cost of fees, appropriate water quality weaker regions.

MULTIPLE: When this process can not remove harmful substances in the water, use of about two or two kinds of process that is complex. The activated carbon filter, ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon filter, RO reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters, micro misplaced (ultrafiltration), polypropylene ultra-fine fibers, carbon tim live micro misplaced (ultrafiltration) and the like. In the water purifier of the composite, the composite membrane separation technique is excellent in water purification water purification characteristics, is removed Microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.) have a more significant level of the actual effect, which is excellent in some net mass effluent water can be drunk directly, access to many customers for the warm welcome, the direction of the water purifier has become today’s development.

Water purifier manufacturers how to use micro-channel marketing?

In fact, water purifiers have been closed down in 2020, it is a normal thing, and some manufacturers go bankrupt because the product is not quality, because some business management drawbacks too, but more fundamentally it is because the poor do not even have after-sales service service. Water purification products and home appliances biggest difference is the water purifier requires long-term after-sales, and home appliances do not. Because the properties of the product itself, also requires a water purifier manufacturers must do service, and not to do, how could it not collapse? Have long known that

According to 东北新闻网 reported that consumer Leung two days before the family installed a water purifier for two years removed, “the problem, out of the water has an odor children . “Mr. Leung said that as the cell aging water pipes, his family’s tap water often has impurities, there was the idea to buy water purifier. The original purchase, he not only shop around, check the internet ranking, the final choice of an industry ranking rather forward “famous brand”, spent 2,000 yuan. After a period of time available, Mr Leung found it increasingly difficult to drink water at home, boil there is an unpleasant taste. Playing a number of service calls, but the other has no door handle. Not long ago, Mr. Leung stumbled manufacturers have closed down, desperation, he removed the water purifier, the results of water has become a drink.

this case, whether Mr. Liang bought products manufacturer closed down for what reason, presumably also a major cause of poor after-sales service. Mr. Leung “hit a number of telephone service, but the other has no door handle.” Suffice it to say manufacturers simply do not mind the after-sales service.

In this regard, clear spring water purifiers top ten brands considered, water purifier manufacturers in order to grow gradually, after-sales service have to do. Sales service is not only responsible for the agency, is responsible for their own conscience. Improve service, clear spring have the following suggestions:

1, water purifier manufacturers to establish a special after-sales department, the sales department responsible for after-sales-related work, so dedicated professional;

2 , water purifier manufacturers should establish “all for customer satisfaction” concept, to promote the effectiveness of the work by sale concept;

3, water purifier manufacturers to strictly audit agency, not the heart for service to consumers all agents not considered;

4, water purifiersManufacturers have to build the internet and a consumer direct communication or contact the firm to establish mechanisms for consumers;

5, related to the use of technical means to manage customers, such as the use of APP, related network systems.

water purifier manufacturers do not ignore the sale, the number of manufacturers is because they do not pay attention to after-sales and close down. After a lesson in failure, water purifier manufacturers do not want to repeat the same mistakes again. Failure is painful, after the collapse of the stand will be very difficult. Since want to grow, why do not pay attention to after-sales service it?

New Year this year, not gifts, gifts received only water purifier!

At present, there are already some people can accept the improved water purifier brought to life, but in the selection of water purifiers tend to ignore the most important part, that is, than the waste water, buy water purifier market life when the feeling in all aspects well, they tend to ignore important than the waste water, purifying water purifier is a certain loss, the current mainstream market mainly 1: 3, 1: 4. For waste water is very clear. A small number of manufacturers such as the Clean spring having 1: 1 and no wastewater technology.

and therefore sometimes not just look at the price level of the product itself, an excellent water purifier is not only the best features, but not to help a user save money. Therefore, the reference water purifier depends on the merits of the proportion of waste water purifier, water purifier, after all, are in daily use, lower waste water must be more than the cost savings in the long run, therefore, be sure to refer to the time of purchase the key index.

Water purifier manufacturers really good quality more than made ad

How to store the water purifier agents layout? This is a question worth considering. Because only better layout, the business will be better. Some water purification agents store layout, manufacturers do not listen to advice, completely dominated by their own. Once a mistake a big mistake, do not blame others, you can only “broke the teeth to swallow.” The following top ten brands of water purifiers will focus on the clear spring water purifier store layout planning risk aspects.

a risk: in non-mainstream market, low-end market to open a large store water purifier

cities usually have a special kitchen market, most often not just one. If the city is large, there will be high-end market, low end of the points, the high-end market, low-end market as well as the mainstream market and non-market mainstream of the points. Due to the limited size of the market for small and medium cities, tend to have relatively mature low-end market, high-end market is only a prototype. In a city, which is the high-end market, which is the low-end market, which is the mainstream market, which is non-mainstream market, the industry in general is still very easy to distinguish.

Most of the new water purification agents of the concept of the business district, the real estate sector, market aggregation, such as the layout of the market segment is very difficult to thoroughly understand. On the shop layout he often finds two “dead science”: hot phenomenon is a good market, the price is cheap affordable. The kitchen store feature is the low-end market popularity, non-mainstream market cheap. Therefore, some new agents on the one hand impatient want to build stores as soon as possible, on the one hand but also too afraid to spend money, so some of these markets specially selected to go really wrong to make from you “stopped all no stopping!”
[ 123] brand water purifier is still positioned in the high-end crowd in the vast majority of the Chinese market. If you open large stores in the low-end market, ten, nine out not on the client, you actually become a low-end water purifier contrast criticized the “target.” Once the popularity, the store rents will rise, your operating costs will not be low.

Risk II: furniture retailers in open water purifier stores

China’s furniture industry developed earlier than the water purification industry, so that all parts of the relative maturity of furniture retailers. And furniture stores in the city center in general, the more popularity building materials store, good image, a large scale. Therefore, many dealers would think of selling water purifiers at furniture retailers.

store furniture retailers open water purifier,The biggest problem is the water purifier and customer buying habits Process “against” the. These customers really need is a water purifier, but the problem is the decoration of the time, do water purifier earlier, after buying furniture. Wait until the customer to the furniture store shopping, water purifier has basically given up or are already fitted. In addition, rents furniture retailers also not cheap.

the risk of three: appliance stores sell water purifiers

a lot of home appliance brands have “wading” water purifier industry, these brands are either comprehensive home appliance giant, either kitchen electric industry leader business, its brand influence in the market is beyond doubt. Because electric kitchen, highly correlated water purification products, many agents take for granted that: If open water purifier whole appliance stores, same brand, same consumer group, is certainly best of both worlds, saving labor.

clear mountain spring water purifier think: This is actually a big misunderstanding to distinguish between “water purifier stores selling home appliances” and “appliance stores sell water purifiers” two different concepts!. Water purifiers stores selling home appliances, which is the industry’s traffic patterns, of course, water purifier store can sell basically the main electric kitchen, little other appliance category. Appliance stores sell water purifiers, water purifiers became accessories, many consumers simply do not in my heart. Nature can not occupy the mind, you think sales can be okay?
The above is, water purification agents store easy to overlook the details, hoping to agents who strive to achieve scientific and systematic, rational layout, create higher value.

AGV see foreign brands in the Chinese market rules and layout

Mir As a mobile robot manufacturer from Denmark, Mir in 2017 began to enter the Chinese market, the same year MiR total sales of 500 mobile robot, its sales model in China mainly cooperate with the agents, but since entering the Chinese market since, for the Chinese market MiR contributed 15% of global sales, MIR also plans within three years, China will strive in the market share of the global market to 25%. 2018, Mir registered in Shanghai set up a “proud name of the mobile robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.”, seems to have intended to vigorously explore the Chinese market.
library card library card acquisition Swisslog 2014 officially enter the mobile robot industry, Swisslog has been cultivating for many years in the Chinese market, but with the completion of the acquisition of the US library card, library card is also increasing efforts to expand domestic market, 2018, KUKA its general industry business in China and Swisslog Holding AGV Chinese business through a merger, joint venture, which will further promote library card penetration and expand business in China market.
Axter Axter automation is a French company in the field of automated material handling solutions with over 30 years of experience, incorporated in 2015 Faai Si Automation Technology (Shanghai onSea) Limited, officially business development in China.
Meidensha electricity for homes is a long history of Japanese companies. AGC its products are not directly doing business in the Chinese market, but with the agency, formerly south and the north two total generation. Now there is a regional agency. Meidensha the AGC addition, it also has the AGV, such as laser light truck, heavy-duty, and other types of piggyback AGV CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , these products are sold Meidensha themselves.
Aichi Aichi is a Japanese company, began selling real AGV, in Japan in 2001, in addition to AGV, also sell the drive unit and the control unit. In the Chinese market, Aichi business is mainly deployed through agents.
OMRON Omron is the world’s leading automation control and electronic equipment manufacturers, as early as in the 1970s, Omron has technical exchanges with China began, then began to gradually enter the Chinese market.
Indeed Control Engineering Copyright , the last two years with the rapid development of domestic AGV, the difficulty foreign companies to enter the domestic market is also increasing, and open up the pre-market road is not good to go . Can also be seen from the above listed companies, the current foreign brands on the domestic market AGV is not much, and what characteristics do they? First, www.cechina.cn , from the nature of an enterprise point of view, most of these companies are established companies or logistics automation systems integrators, they have a wealth of experience in application integration, AGV products are mainly in their project-based; of course, also have a special AGV manufacturers, their huge accumulation of technology, often with distinct characteristics of highlights and performance competitive. Secondly, in the sales channel, these enterprises to enter the Chinese market earlier and more mature sales channels, but also for its AGV products to enter the Chinese market to provide convenient.


I can also grow vegetables at home, and Haier invents a lot of intelligent vegetable growing artifacts! okorder

The advancement of technology is changing people’s lives at an unprecedented speed, especially the continuous maturity of mobile Internet technology, accelerating the pace of moving towards intelligent students. Starting with smart phones, “smart tentacles” have extended to all corners of society, and all walks of life have been involved in the wave of intelligence. Overnight, smart routers, smart light bulbs, smart bracelets, a series of smart products have sprung up, even seemingly irrelevant to the Internet The vegetables are all intelligent.

The reporter learned that in addition to functional considerations, one of the many R&D concepts of food is to increase the interaction between parents and children and to fill the gap between children and nature. The emergence of a large number of dishes breaks the boundary between the city and nature, allowing children to get in touch with nature at home, feeling the mystery of life growth and the sense of accomplishment of harvesting vegetables in an area of ​​less than 1 square meter. In addition, a lot of dishes advocate the interaction between parents and children, children with their parents accompanied by their own hands to grow vegetables, in the interaction can bring the distance between children and parents.

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Smart homes are heating up again, traditional concepts need to change okorder

Recently, the Global Sources Electronics Show was held in Hong Kong, and the smart home exhibition area was newly established, which became a highlight of the exhibition. The smart homes that have cooled down are making a comeback. According to statistics, by 2022, the global smart home market will have an output value of more than 120 billion US dollars.

However, the participating companies all believe that the global smart home market is still in its infancy, but the development direction is also clear, and it is accelerating the formation of a complete industrial chain, building an ecological circle, and setting industry standards.

As early as 2014, smart homes were highly anticipated, but so far, there is no subversive smart home product, and most of them are still trying to find out. In the past two years, smart homes have gradually become colder.

The reason why the reason is so cool, the most fundamental reason is that companies and consumers are not sure where the demand is. Enterprises don’t know what kind of smart home equipment is in line with expectations, and consumers don’t know which smart products they need. This stage can be called the trial and error stage, and can only constantly adjust and find the right product.

In this context, companies are no longer discussing any big and virtual theories such as entrances and centers. Tencent’s QQ IoT and Baidu family are gradually quieter, and more are returning to Grind the pieces up. But it is unclear how to extend and develop next, and smart home enterprises are taking a step by step.

Because of this, it is considered that the current smart home market is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go before the outbreak. In the next few years, smart homes may have undergone major changes. Today, more is to advance the card position and seize the opportunity. Although smart homes have not been as hot as expected, this trend has not changed, and smart homes are still the key to improving the quality of life of residents. Once there is a new breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology, it is not an illusion that smart homes will subvert the way people live.

The smart home products on the market mostly stay on the surface smart or one-sided intelligence, but simply do the functions of screen display, network connection, mobile phone control and so on. It is not surprising that it does not solve the pain of user demand, nor does it improve the user experience.

The emergence of smart homes has changed the product-centric profit model and turned to service-centric. This requires smart home businesses to provide proactive services to better meet customer needs, rather than one-time trading. Only when the concept changes, can the smart home market develop and progress.

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Analysis: The outstanding advantages of heavy bamboo flooring okorder

First, the heavy bamboo flooring uses renewable resources bamboo as a raw material to replace the traditional production method using wood as raw material. The production method has a high utilization rate of more than 90%, which is more than twice the utilization rate of raw materials in the traditional production mode, so that it can be both sustainable and effective to protect the environment.

Second, the density of heavy bamboo flooring is as high as 1200kg/m3, which is 1.6 times higher than that of ordinary bamboo and wood flooring. It has high hardness, high strength and high impact toughness. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high density, high strength, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Third, the heavy bamboo flooring has the advantages of water absorption resistance, no deformation, etc. It is determined that the 24 hour water absorption thickness expansion ratio is only 0.4%, which is far superior to the European standard of ≤2.0%.

Fourth, the free formaldehyde emission of heavy bamboo flooring is below 0.35mg/L, which has reached the European and American green standard requirements, and is a veritable green environmental protection product.

Release date: 2011/11/11 11:24:25

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Anxin floor inspection method is accused of being unreasonable okorder

[According to the notifications from local quality supervision departments, in addition to the excessive formaldehyde emission, the most common problem in the domestic flooring industry is that the floor size is not up to standard, including some brand flooring]

Many test reports were focused on the formaldehyde emission index, but the doubts about the Anxin floor suspected panel cut corners were unresolved.

Yesterday, the latest test report of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision showed that there was no problem with the Anxin floor, which was deeply immersed in the quality turmoil. Among the 24 types of Anxin flooring that were sampled, three kinds of composite flooring were not up to standard.

Following the announcement of the re-inspection report of Wuhan, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other branches on Anxin Floor, Vanke Group announced yesterday the National Building Materials Testing Center and Zhejiang Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Station. The inspection report issued by the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute of Yunnan Province and the batch inspection of Anxin floor has shown that the formaldehyde emission of the products submitted for inspection is lower than the national standard.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, from February 17 to 19, the Qingpu District Quality Supervision Bureau will sell 24 kinds of flooring products to be sold in the finished warehouse of Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. Including 21 kinds of solid wood composite flooring and 3 kinds of solid wood flooring for spot check, the test results did not find excessive formaldehyde emission.

However, there are some products that are not up to standard on the Anxin floor. One of the surface wood name items does not meet the requirements, and there are two types of dimensional deviation items that do not meet the requirements.

In addition to the excessive release of formaldehyde, the net post questioned the Anxin floor, including the panel cut corner, the life of Anxin floor is reduced by 80%. The network broke the news that Anxin provided the composite floor for Vanke, the thickness of the surface layer was 0.6mm, the actual thickness was less than 0.3mm, and the partial or even the skin was not seen carefully, revealing the soft plywood. This is because Anxin has saved the production cost. The thickness of the dough is only half of the qualified raw materials.

However, the multiple test reports released by Vanke only involved formaldehyde emission indicators, and did not involve other issues such as the thickness of the surface of the Anxin floor.

It is worth noting that although many test reports show that the formaldehyde emission of Anxin floor meets the national standard, the problem of ‘poison’ in Anxin floor has been unclear. Some netizens questioned the authority and objective authenticity of the method of inspection. The broke person ‘Li Xiaoyan’ also reappeared the Kaidi Forum, and put forward three major questions about Vanke and Anxin floor, which lacked persuasiveness in the form of inspection, the result of the inspection was ‘ridiculous’, and the thickness index was suspected of fraudulent consumers.

Some media quoted Guo Yong, director of the Qingdao Municipal Air Quality Testing Center, as saying that the testing agencies generally have two kinds of testing methods: one is to send the test, and what samples are sent to test, according to the inspection party. The requirements are carried out; the second is sampling test, which is representative. Guo Yong said that no matter which kind of testing, it is time-sensitive, there may be some problems in the floor when the decoration is over-standard. After a period of ventilation and use, formaldehyde does not exceed the standard, which is normal. of. Therefore, many people in the industry question the rationality of this method of detection.

Part of the Anxin floor sampling inspection did not meet the standard, but also explained the current status of the domestic flooring industry from another angle. According to the notifications from local quality supervision departments, in addition to the excessive formaldehyde emission, the most common problem in the domestic flooring industry is that the floor specifications are not up to standard, including some brand flooring.

At present, domestic flooring companies usually adopt three production methods: independent production, independent production of some products, and direct purchase of OEMs to downstream factories. According to industry insiders, these three models are fine, but the current problems in the flooring industry are all around price competition, especially when working with big brand developers.

Vanke said that the purchase price of Vanke’s winning bid for Vanke in 2009 was 107 yuan per square meter. However, some media quoted the insiders as saying: ‘If an engineering project has Anxin floor to participate in the bidding, we are not willing to go in, and the price of the transaction is simply impossible for us. ‘

But Lu Weiguang, chairman of Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. said to the media: ‘I don’t think Essence’s price is lower than its peers. When we go to bid for Vanke, we must definitely lower the price because other households will do the same. But it must be on the premise of profit. ‘

Release date: 2012/2/28 10:49:21

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