Dear, is your bra disinfected?

Is your underwear regularly disinfected? ? ?

Second-generation bra underwear special disinfection cabinet: disinfect your underwear with UV UV and ozone. Ozone is a kind of strong oxygen agent, which can quickly kill bacteria on clothes at a certain concentration, make up for the insufficiency of bacteria that cannot be killed by ultraviolet rays, so that overlapping fabrics can achieve disinfection effect, and there is no substance. Residue, does not form secondary pollution, is known as “the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant”!

Passing Love

Love Wei’s parents

Give your clothes a spa!


The underwear has more bacteria, and it must be changed in three months. Even if cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer does not directly cause inflammation, it does not mean that it is not used. Life, deformed bra can not improve the female body shape, so do not have to reluctantly, underwear and underwear should be timely replaced with old and new, to be a woman with quality of life!

Your health is our common responsibility and desire

Renshou Eve Show will look forward to you with the most professional and sincere service. Come! Let us be the best girlfriend of your breasts and escort your breasts!

Infrared breast detector (prevention is greater than treatment)

breast massager (for various breast diseases) [123 ]

Renshou Eve’s Show.

Looking forward to your visit.

We will be happy to help you

Renshou. Eve’s Show

Non-sponge health industry, creating superior competitiveness [12]3] Renshou Yuer Lingerie Chain (Eve Show Boutique) Address 1 Store: Sunshine Commercial Street (opposite to Guolong Electric) ) 362912982 shop: the lower section of Telecommunication Street (opposite to the construction bank) 362021023 shop: No. 175 Jinma Road (three small alleys) Opposite) 3620 91224 shop: Sunshine Boutique Street (opposite Sunshine Hotel) 362149185 Shop: One section of Lingzhou Road (eight Out of the market) 362466116 shop: European Commercial Street (next to Laofengxiang Silver Building) 36220896

to provide you with more health

[Storage Competition] Open Storage PK Closed Storage

Everyone wants the home to be stored in order, and some people even keep the items, but they are only clean and tidy for up to 2 days, often because they don’t understand the characteristics of storage~ ~ What are the characteristics of open storage and closed storage?

If there are some items that are used frequently every day, for convenience, they can be placed in open storage, such as keys, remote controls, etc.

Storage is hidden or open, open or closed, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, combined with its own habits and convenience principles, clever use of two kinds of storage, is more conducive to creating a well-ordered home environment ~

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Bangkok Modern Villa with Private Garden

This modern villa is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Combining Thai roots and modernity, the three-storey villa is a spacious, light-filled home with a private garden. The façade is designed with a vertical concrete and the rectangular structure has an excellent pattern. Two cantilevered flower pot boxes were used to grow green plants.
The entrance has an open staircase leading to the main living area.
The living room has two-story windows and sliding glass doors that bring natural light into the room while separating the space. The middle floor includes a restaurant and bar area with a rotating window that allows the breeze to pass through.
The master bedroom occupies the entire second floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows on the front and back for the much-needed light. The top floor is another two bedrooms and a laundry room.

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Is Xiaomi sharing a motorcycle really?

Where is our model unique? Why is this model used in regional agents and memberships?

1, strategic layout required

Successful sharing of motorcycles and other companies that are eager to try, the market of this shared motorcycle is in urgent need of development. For Xiaomi, it is not allowed to use traditional methods to seize the market, but to occupy the market with a unique model. And then continue to launch. In the form of regional agency, the network is first sprinkled to every city in the country, and then the membership system is used to absorb the accurate fans, which will lay the foundation for the follow-up large-scale launch.

What is it?

Do you know shared bikes and ofo? If you know, you are close to the answer. What we are doing today is to share a motorcycle, and one more word is “electricity. It does not require manpower to drive the car, but is driven by electricity, the so-called electric car.

What is the difference between it and shared bicycles?

Shared motorcycles have won 7 of the 8 regular comparisons, but they are slightly less expensive, but considering 7 items. Indicators Do you care about the cost of money at this point? The pace of life in today’s society is so fast, fighting for time is to fight for opportunities, and to fight for opportunities is to fight for wealth. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Will the tram be stolen after being placed? Is it damaged?

Or because of the mismanagement and quality of the people in front of the shared bicycle The phenomenon of being stolen and damaged frequently occurs. It is because of the foresight of the car that we are afraid. From the following two points, the hardware and management factors of the car are analyzed and verified.

Second, the management factors

In the early stage, through the regional agency and VIP membership promotion system, a group of loyalists was cultivated. Xiaomi fans, among which there are many members who subscribe to motorcycles, they will actively monitor the use of vehicles because of their interest; regional agents will work harder to manage vehicles because of 6% dividends; those who have not subscribed to motorcycles because of the previous period 365 days of understanding Xiaomi and profit, and will unconsciously supervise the vehicle.

Third, small probabilities are stolen and damaged

The law is sound and there are also individual crimes, so today’s Xiaomi management is perfect and hardware is smart again, and it can’t be avoided. The loss, so to say as much as possible to avoid, but also objectively face, the event of minimal probability is within the company’s controllable range.

The above three points are the solution to the problem after Xiaomi’s launch and the attitude towards the objectively small probability event.

How to solve the problem of charging and replacing the battery after the motorcycle is placed?

The agent in the early stage of cultivation is to plant the seeds of hope for the subsequent shared motorcycle management, waiting for the seed to grow into a towering sky. On the occasion of the big tree, the motorcycle started to launch. Regional agents are an important management link that is indispensable for sharing motorcycles. Each motorcycle is equipped with two lithium batteries for easy replacement; the charging company provides a charging box (a lot can be washed at one time); the regional agent needs to recruit employees, and the employee’s salary is provided by the company; the subsequent consumables and electricity costs and house use will be given The corresponding subsidy. In short, the regional agents will not be busy, this is a very simple reason, there is no free pay.

Introduction to motorcycle hardware

The shape of our motorcycle looks like a bicycle. The weight of the motorcycle is close to that of the first car. It has all the functions of a bicycle and has The most important function of the bicycle is that there is no need for manpower to brake the car, as well as mobile phone brackets, GPS positioning, etc. Each car is equipped with two lithium batteries, the tires are solid tires, and each car has insurance, can be on the card . The vehicle complies with the national four standards for motorcycles. The maximum speed is set at 20 kilometers per hour. After all, the electric drive is used to limit the speed of the riders. 2. The rear seats cannot carry people, and the rear seats are loaded. Safety hazards; 3, there are foot scorpions, can continue to ride in the case of insufficient power; 4, each car has insurance, if the car has an accident, it can be solved by insurance, avoiding more personnel dispute. At present, there are many shared motorcycles on the market that have been banned by the traffic control department because they do not meet the national standard. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

About the issue of the late operation of motorcycles

So far, the cumulative number of bicycles has been put on tens of millions, so that Moby and ofo Already 20 million units, because they are using the Internet + traditional enterprise, there is no intermediate transition management link, resulting in bicycles being chaotic and stolen and stolen and damaged. The disorderly movement affects the appearance of the city, and at the same time causes local traffic jams; stealing and damage cause losses to the enterprise. So how can we avoid this phenomenon with our Xiaomi shared motorcycles today? Even if our motorcycles are in full compliance with national standards and the Ministry of Transport encourages the delivery of documents that meet the national standard motorcycles, It will inevitably cause resentment from the local government, and affect the subsequent release of more vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively stop the chaos, it must have a fixed parking space, and how to ensure that consumers will park according to the parking line?

First, our car is equipped with GPS positioning Whether you parked in the fixed parking line, the system can monitor at any time. If you are not parked in place, then you need to bleed. The money is flowing out of your Alipay or WeChat wallet. It is based on 2 km. computational. Because you don’t stop at a fixed parking space, our staff needs to park the car to the parking position, which is costly, so there is a fee.

Second, we used the regional agents and VIP members who burned the money in the early stage to manage these vehicles from another level. The regional agent is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the vehicles in the region. For VIP members, it is known after a period of promotion how to use it and precautions for subsequent consumption.It also plays a role in supervising and influencing the use of regulated vehicles. At the same time, some VIP members have subscribed to this motorcycle, so they have more enthusiasm for supervision.

Third, the problem of theft and malicious damage of the vehicle, because the vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning, it can monitor the operation of each vehicle in real time, so if it does not move normally, the system will automatically alarm and the vehicle will also issue an alarm; The battery is a lithium battery and will be scrapped if it is not taken by a non-worker.

Fourth, the vehicle’s power and cruising range can be monitored at any time in the maintenance and supervision system to more accurately replace the vehicle’s battery; the subsequent battery charging company will provide a charging box (a charging box can be placed a lot) Insert the replaced battery into it.

Sixth, shared car

At present, private cars are experiencing explosive growth in the country, almost one car per car. Private cars give us freedom and a good sense of experience. At the same time, it caused traffic congestion and parking became more and more difficult. Even if it was opened to the destination, it took a long time to find a parking space. The private car that brought us convenience and pleasure became a burden. The reason is Road expansion and the increase in parking spaces will never catch up with the increased speed of vehicles. The road expansion and the increase in parking spaces are limited, but the vehicle can be increased in an unlimited amount, so the concept of sharing the car came into being. With a shared car, the efficiency of a car can be greatly improved. Presumably, in the future, you will get off the plane and use our Xiaomi APP to directly unlock the Xiaomi shared steam at the airport. You can drive away directly. At that time, the rental car market will be replaced by our small shared car. This is the trend, the trend has been eliminated. scale. The ground docking team established through the promotion of the previous Xiaomi shared motorcycle will lay a solid foundation for the sharing of the car.

Becoming a shareholder in the sharing of electric bicycles, shared electric vehicles, and smart kitchen partners

First, the king of static

■You first invest 880 yuan VIP members, and get 880 yuan of optional products

■ Then share and promote qualifications

■ First, you can push yourself. If you invest a single 880 yuan, return 15 yuan a day, return 365 days a year, a total return 5475 yuan, 6 times the return; return within 60 days, the rest of the 300 days are all money (holiday returns, rain or shine) )

■If you push yourself, you will invest 10 8800 yuan per day, earning 150 yuan a day, with a return of 54750, 6 times a year; less than 60 days, the rest of the 300 days are Save money (holiday returns, rain or shine)

■If you push yourself, you invest 100 yuan for 88,000 yuan, 1,500 yuan per day, 547500 for 365 days, 6 times return, Return to the original within 60 days, and save all the money in the next 10 months and 300 days (holiday returns, rain or shine)

Second, the dynamic (introduction of friends) crown

■You recommend friends Buy the first single 880 yuan, you get 15 yuan a day, 365 days get 5470 yuan (this is your first generation)

■If a friend casts another one (he pushes himself), each single Return to you 2 yuan, return to you 365 days, a total of 730 yuan (this is your second generation)

■ If your friend buys 10 orders, each 2 yuan, a total of 365 days, a total of 7300 yuan (this is your second generation)

■If your friend casts 1 00 single, each return you 2 yuan, 365 days 365 days, return you 73,000 yuan (this is your second generation)


If you invest 10 single, You earn 150 yuan per day (static) for 54470 yuan for the whole year

If you recommend a friend to join a VIP member, you will invest 880 yuan, and you will take his 笫 generation 15 yuan a day, the annual income It is 15 yuan X365 days = 5475

If he also buys 10 orders, you take his second generation, you should enter 2 yuan X10 per day = 20 yuan, 20 yuan X365 days = 7300 yuan .

▲ Add the above three items, you enter 150+15+20=185 yuan every day, enter 67,525 yuan for the whole year, and you only invest 8800 yuan, if you push 2 people, 3 people, 10 Personally? If you vote 10 per person, you recommend 1 person’s income is 15X365 days 10 20X365 days = 12775

▲ important things say three times: you recommend 1 person (10 single calculation) you The income is 12,775 yuan.

Third, regional agent:

An agent in a district of the country, the current preferential price of 20,000 yuan in cash + in the income of 80,000, after the payment of 100,000 in October It is. Regional protection, all count yours, push an agent bonus of 10,000, 5% of all report fees in the jurisdiction, other bonuses (many) will be sent to you, all year round, regional agents earn tens of thousands of thousands of no problem, now It is the time when the country is robbing the agent, when it is stealing money.

■The best of the project

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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Minimalist home in Miami Beach

This 5,800-square-foot home designed by DOMO Design Studio is located on Miami Beach.

The residence has two floors that truly capture the freshness and beauty of the surroundings. The overall style is a combination of simple and quirky elements. An L-shaped pool surrounds the house and deck, making the building seem to float on the water.

The large windows and glazed façade connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding environment. In fact, nature is a very important part of interior design as well as interior courtyards and gardens.

The social area is an open floor plan with large windows and a two-story space in the center. There is a large kitchen island in the kitchen and the dining table is simple. The earthy colours as well as the warm textures and materials create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

The home has 6 bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. These spaces are designed with natural colors such as brown, green and white, and the designer’s main goal is to create an intimate oasis-like space.

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Design from Italian furniture brands

Italian furniture brand Bonaldo has released two new designs that reinterpret the typical characters and create an “inverted world.” What does this mean? The base of the table is made from the items on the usual table top, and the blanket on the bed suddenly becomes part of the frame of the bed.
The Blanket bed was designed by Alessandro Busana and the blanket became the headboard. It is inspired by the soft and comfortable feel of the blanket. This bed transforms it from an accessory into a rolled up expansion frame.
Most tables have items such as cups, and Roberto Paoli’s Cop table uses these items as pedestals. The cups are designed in different sizes and shapes, resulting in a table that is visually dynamic.

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Inspired by the Korean monster’s stool

Metal cylinder seats are not common, but Jiyoun Kim, creative director of JiyounKim Studio, found a suitable place for them in Hanjiang Art Park in Seoul.
Kim decided to create 24 Dokkaebi stools. Dokkaebi is equivalent to a monster in European fairy tales in Korea and is also a source of inspiration for chairs. The stools are made of stainless steel and are polished to a mirror finish with eight different colour gradients, inspired by the color changes of the pine forests in different seasons. When the stool was placed in the park, the stainless steel mirror reflected the surrounding natural scene, creating an illusion that the colored top seemed to float in midair, which was mysterious and magical.

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House inspired by Persian culture

House of the Sun is not the type of house you see every day. This is because interior design is not inspired by location, view or nature. This is very special and very unusual. Customers are particularly interested in Persian culture and civilization, which has become the subject of interior design for space.

This unique residence is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Customers want to dedicate this space to the sun, and this unusual request is considered by designers to be an opportunity, innovation and creativity.

The focus of interior design is a staircase in the living room. The stairs are not connected to two floors and do not lead to any secret space. It is actually a symbolic and philosophical element inspired by the history of the tower. It symbolizes the road to the sun and actually faces east/sunrise.

Another compelling feature is the custom luminaire. It has a steel frame inspired by the sun and is often used in traditional Iranian architecture.

Because the budget for this project is limited, architects must find a way to save money without reducing the aesthetics of the space. They chose to use simple and inexpensive materials such as concrete, metal, brick and recycled wood.

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2017 Maison&Objet Ex.t launches 3 new products

The Italian brand Ex.t does not take the usual path when designing bathroom products, bringing three new products. Working with Samuel Wilkinson and Norm Architects, Ex.t is expanding their bathroom design, including two new mirrors and a sink table that can completely change any bathroom space.
London designer Samuel Wilkinson designed two new mirrors inspired by outer space and gravity. Float is a mirror with a milky glass ball that “floats” on a mirror and a semi-circular marble shelf.

Gravity is made of double-sided mirrors with frames, which are attracted to each other by magnetic forces.

Frame has explored a new sink cabinet. The choice of wood gives the work a warm feeling.

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Rectangular chandeliers are a great choice for restaurants

Rectangular chandeliers are a great choice for restaurants. They can be paired with rectangular dining tables and look elegant. This is a two-layer chandelier made of glass.
Pentagon chandeliers also have a rectangular shape. This modern chandelier can be displayed on the dining table, kitchen island, breakfast bar and peninsula. Similarly, its slender form can emphasize the size and shape of a room, or complement other design elements.
This chandelier looks amazing and impressive, and you can make the most of it if you have a two-story ceiling or stairway corridor. Remember that such a chandelier can easily overwhelm a small room, so design the rest of the decoration accordingly. The classic version of the Pentagon chandelier has been reinterpreted as a stylish chandelier that adapts to beautiful modern and contemporary spaces. The design is versatile and fascinating, taking advantage of geometric patterns.

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